With a lack of recent match practice following the cold weather, Cougars Under7 Stripes went on the attack on the Hares defence like pouncing cats, like Cougars. Matthew Murphy opened the scoring early from close range. Another followed for Murphy with a firm strike low to the keepers right having won the ball from a Hares defender.

Ted Doncaster’s headed clearance from a Hares throw on, timely tackles and accurate passing out from defence kept the Hares out of the Cougars penalty box. Before Antony Gull’s determination saw him reacting to his own rebounded shot, putting the Stripes further ahead before Gull got another from a fine strike. The extra player now on the field for the Hares just before half time caused concerns for Cougars but they kept up the pressure when Oliver Sweetman’s accurate pass found Alex Pooley in the box whose shot went inches wide. Pooley then took on the Hares defence, knocking the ball past them and running at them on several occasions.

A change in formation saw the Hares score however a fine save from a one on one by Sweetman prevented a Hares comeback. Gull and Murphy went on to secure their hatricks before Ryan Gull and Lucas Crook displayed their contribution with their high work rate and strong challenges towards the latter stages.

Cougars Stripes defended as a team throughout but Alex Pooley was strong in the tackle as well as being a constant attacking threat when he got the ball. His fearless display in running down the lines saw him pick up the Coaches player of the week award.”


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