Thinking of joining Buntingford Cougars?

Follow these 5 easy steps

Find which team they’d be in

based on your child’s school year For example if your child is in Year 4 at school they would play for the Under 9s. See the table below.

Talk to the team manager

to find out how your child can get involved. That’s because some teams have a full match squad and others are on the look-out for new players. Your child will be able to join in with training, even if the squad is full on match days.

What if there is no team at the moment?

Teams are usually run by the parent or carer of one of the players, and the parent-manager then stays with the team through all the age groups until their child leaves Cougars. Sometimes we need people to step forward to manage a team where there is a gap. To find out more, contact us.

Bring your child along to training

After you’ve chatted to the manager, bring your child along for a couple of free training sessions. That way, they can see if they like Cougars football, before they officially register for the team and pay fees. Please do check with the Manager when and where the team trains, as this can change due to availability of grounds or weather.

Register your child with Cougars

Once you know your child wants to join you should complete our online form and pay our registration fee.