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We’ve created an Introductory guide for managers to help our new recruits. It’s a compilation of information, suggestions and ideas from our experienced managers.

Join Buntingford Cougars as a manager or coach and we’ll support you in gaining the qualifications you need from the Hertfordshire County FA . All our coaches and manager receive a Level I qualification in coaching and many go on to complete additional training. We’ll ask you to put in four to five hours a week with your team during the season. Training is usually one evening a week and matches last about three hours on a Saturday morning or evening. Meetings are kept to a minimum, but they are required. Managers are also responsible for turning in result cards.



How much time is involved?
About 2 -3 hours on a match day and one evening a week.

Will there be others helping me?
The aim is to get as many parents involved as possible to help with the many aspects of managing a team. Even youth leaders can play a role in the team.

Will I have to organise anything?
The club will arrange your fixtures for you and allocate pitches. You have to make sure that result cards are returned to the Fixtures Secretary immediately.

I have no experience in coaching or running a team. Will I receive training?
Yes. All coaches must obtain an FA Level 1 coaching qualification during their first season and keep first aid and child protection certificates up to date. The club will pay for Level 1 training.

If I want to obtain higher qualifications will the club support me?
Yes. We encourage personal development of coaching skills and grants are available to obtain qualifications at level 2 and 3.

Will the club supply the player’s kit and training equipment?
Yes. We will make sure that you have sufficient kit, balls and basic training equipment to run a team. The team will be expected to find a sponsor if possible and sometimes do a small amount of fundraising.

How do I apply to become a coach or manager?
The club has a recruitment policy. You must be CRB checked and any appointment as a volunteer to work with children and young people will be subject to a satisfactory report from the CRB. We also take up references.

What about training facilities?
Training takes place at a range of local pitches and in the winter months, most teams train at the all weather facility at Norfolk Road.

Other than running a team do I have to do anything else for the club?
Yes. We run two tournaments and we’ll ask for help in running theses.

Who do I contact about becoming a coach or manager
Just complete our form to register your interest and we will get in touch.