Established in 1971

Buntingford Cougars got its start in 1971. It was, and still is, managed by local parents. Some of those early players are now managers themselves. Can you spot some in the picture above? The club enjoys solid links with local schools and the community as a whole. The club’s first pitches were at London Road, and are still used by the Cougars today. Many local businesses are loyal Cougar sponsors. And as the club has grown, so has the enthusiasm of the surrounding communities.

Read a history of Cougars, “the first 25 years” as written by Eric Addicott, (President of Buntingford Cougars) which was published in the Buntingford Journal, Sept 1996 on the Clubs 25th anniversary.
See a team photo dating back to 1972.

Charter Mark success
In 2003, Buntingford Cougars achieved the FA Charter Standard Development Club Award. We’re very proud to have achieved this high award and grateful to the Vice Chairman at the time, Mick Nolan, for his efforts in guiding the club to this success. The then Chairman, Barry Tokely said “Buntingford Cougars should always remember that without Mick at the forefront of our application, we would never have achieved it”.

Club President
B. Tokely

Buntingford Cougars - founded in 1971

Photos and newspaper clippings from 1980

Club Vice Presidents
M. Nolan
S. Calvert
S. Hyland
M. Ganellin
I. Calvert
D. Fitzgerald
J. Rowley
R. Daly
K. Burroughs
D. Goodeve
P. Fairchild
A. Freeman
B. Noris
K. Hole

Honarary Past Presidents
R. Dingley
T. Renouf
E. Addicott