Cougars Cubs

Cougars Cubs is our youngest group: training and learning the basics as an introduction to football!

Introducing Cougars Cubs, our vibrant and energetic entry point for budding football stars! This program is specifically designed to introduce young players, aged 4 and up to the end of Reception year, to the beautiful game. By offering a solid foundation in basic skills and techniques, Cougars Cubs paves the way for a lifelong love of football.

Our enthusiastic and experienced coaches create a fun and supportive environment, ensuring each session is filled with engaging activities and learning opportunities. Training takes place once a week on Fridays, providing the perfect way for your little one to stay active and make new friends.

All skill levels are welcome in our Cougars Cubs program! To ensure your child is prepared for each session, please have them wear trainers, suitable clothing, shin-pads, and bring a still drink to stay hydrated. We believe in our program so much that we invite you to experience two Cougars Cubs sessions completely free of charge!

Come join our Cougars Cubs family and embark on an exciting journey into the world of football, where your child will develop new skills, make lasting memories, and foster a passion for the sport!

Team Sponsor

Through your sponsorship, you are enabling local kids to gain access to sporting opportunities, including access to facilities, gear, and the chance to join a sports club.

This is a fantastic method of directing their energy, enhancing their social skills, and fostering closer relationships and family bonds.