Every year, Buntingford Cougars gives out awards in recognition of our players’ achievements. Our presentation evenings are family events that celebrate the success of every member of the team. They take place toward the end of the summer term. Our awards include:

Past Awards from the club

Callum Eveleigh Award

Some small people make a big impact. Callum Eveleigh was one of them. Callum lived in Buntingford and died aged 4. He would have loved to play for Cougars. This award celebrates his life and is dedicated to him and his love of football. In honour of his memory, this award is given to the most sportsman-like team at our Schools Tournament.

The John Cook Awards

We all remember the goals – now we remember the saves too. The John Cook Award recognises the best goalkeeper of the season at 7 a-side and 11 a-side. There are also John Cook Awards for the best players during the Buntingford Cougars 5 a-side tournament. The awards are a fitting tribute to John Cook who devoted so much of his time to the club for many years.

Carl Couzens Award

Without referees there can be no football matches. Carl Couzens was a referee at our 5-a-side tournament for over 15 years. Carl died suddenly on the eve of the 2008 tournament. The award in his name recognises the most sportsman-like team at our 5 a-side tournament and is awarded by the referees to remind us all every year of his important role in making football fun to play and watch.