Why Your Yearly Club Fee is an Investment in Excellence

When you become a part of the Buntingford Cougars family, you’re not just paying a fee—you’re making an investment in a comprehensive, high-quality football experience for your child. Here’s a breakdown of the incredible value your yearly club fee covers:


Your fee includes a full home and away kit that ensures your child looks and feels like a true footballer.

We secure safe and well-maintained pitches for matches, ensuring a top-notch playing experience.

Your fee covers the cost of hiring training facilities, ensuring that our athletes have access to the best environments in which to hone their skills.

Your child will be registered in competitive leagues, offering them a chance to test their skills against other talented young athletes.

Our coaches are highly qualified, undergoing regular training to ensure they offer the best guidance to our young athletes.

We hire certified referees to ensure fair play and a professional game environment.

From cones to agility ladders, we provide all the necessary training equipment to help your child develop their skills.

High-quality goals are essential for both training and matches, and your fee helps us maintain these to professional standards.

We invest in regular pitch maintenance to ensure a safe and high-quality playing surface year-round.

We celebrate achievements with an annual awards ceremony, honouring the hard work and dedication of our players.

Safety first! Your fee covers all necessary insurances, giving you peace of mind while your child enjoys the game.

From administrative expenses to utility bills, your fee helps us cover the costs that keep our club running smoothly.

Also available to each player is around:

  • 30-35 Training session per year
  •  25 games per season


In summary, your yearly club fee is an all-inclusive package that provides your child with a professional, safe, and enriching football experience.

Join us in making this season the best one yet!