About Buntingford Cougars Youth Football Club

Why Cougars?

We’re a community football club in Buntingford, Hertfordshire. From the Under 6s to the Seniors, most of our teams play in the Royston Crow League. We welcome young people of all abilities and it’s our goal to bring out the best in everyone. Not only do we want our players to excel as athletes, we also want them to make friends and learn to work together. Sportsmanship and respect are part of every match and practice session. We’re a Charter Standard club, and we take the FA’s Respect initiative seriously. It’s our goal to promote a positive and safe environment for young people, coaches, managers, referees and parents.

Cougars Team
Cougars history


Buntingford Cougars got its start in 1971. It was, and still is, managed by local parents. Some of those early players are now managers themselves. Can you spot some in the pictures below? The club enjoys solid links with local schools and the community as a whole. The club’s first pitches were at London Road, and are still used by the Cougars today. Many local businesses are loyal Cougar sponsors. And as the club has grown, so has the enthusiasm of the surrounding communities.


Find out more about our long history here


Every year, we take great pride in hosting our annual Kids Football Presentations to celebrate the incredible achievements of our young players. This exciting event brings together players, families, and coaches to honor the hard work, dedication, and sportsmanship displayed throughout the season. It’s a fantastic opportunity to recognize individual and team accomplishments, while also fostering a sense of camaraderie and community spirit. So, let’s come together and raise a cheer for our young football stars as they continue to grow and shine on and off the field!

The Bury

Find Us

Welcome to The Bury, the home of Buntingford Cougars and your go-to spot for football fun! With well-maintained football pitch facilities and a welcoming clubhouse, it’s the perfect place for sports enthusiasts and their families. Enjoy the games, relax in our cozy clubhouse, and don’t forget to grab a drink at our licensed bar. Come on down and join the excitement at The Bury!

Our club has expanded to accommodate over 400 enthusiastic boys and girls, and while The Bury is our central hub, we also have additional home locations to ensure everyone has a space to play! To explore our other welcoming venues, click here.

FA Charter Standard Club

So what does a Club have to do to achieve and maintain its Charter Standard Club status?

  • A written constitution
  • FA CRB checked volunteers
  • All managers are to have a minimum of FA Level 1 Coaching Course
  • Commitment to attend in-service training
  • Acceptance and promotion of Codes of Conduct
  • Commitment to provide Mini-Soccer opportunities for Under 10s
  • Commitment to promoting schools liaison and equal opportunities for all