under 12's Football

Join the ranks of our spirited Under 12’s team, where mastering technique and honing tactical knowledge shape well-rounded footballers.

Balinor Group Holdings

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40 yds x 70 yds (FA minimum)
50 yds x 80 yds (FA maximum)

Misc Under 12s Youth Football rules

  • Corner posts and flags required
  • Respect barrier (designated spectator area) on one side of pitch
  • two Technical Areas on other side of the pitch
  • Goal area: 14 yds x 4 yds
  • Penalty area: 32 yds x 13 yds
  • Penalty Mark: 9 yds
  • Penalty Arc: not required
  • Centre Mark: required
  • Centre Circle: not required
  • Corner Arcs: not required:
under 12s Football Rules

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